Sun, Sea and Sculpture

IMG_5178 (2)

Frank ‘n company. Hanging out at Maffeo Sutton Park in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. A bronze statue of former Nanaimo Mayor, Frank Ney in his alter ego persona of “Black Frank” the pirate.

IMG_5183 (2)

Maffeo Sutton Park is located right on the city’s water front. To the left is a glimpse of Newcastle Island. On right is Protection Island. It’s clear to see why Nanaimo is called the “Harbor City”!


There’s lots to see and do from smelling the roses, to checking out incredible art sculptures positioned throughout the park.

IMG_5159 (2)

For a casual glam look, I’m wearing a classic jean jacket from Suzy Shier. Copper buttons add distinction and visually connect with this delightful rusted metal sculpture.

IMG_5210 (2)

Getting cozy with a crustacean wearing a red pencil skirt with navy floral tank top. Top, Ardene. Skirt from Suzy Shier.


Harbor viewing always fascinates.

IMG_5204 (2)

From seaplanes to ferries, yachts to kayaks, vibrant activity is all around.

IMG_5203 (2)

Not to mention sailboats of all sorts. Pontoon planes are a common and practical way reach the mainland, glimpsed here in a series of majestic mountains.

IMG_5187 (2)

Back to art. Actually the entire waterfront is designed as an interactive tidal sculpture. As the ocean recedes, man made pools are revealed. Great for checking out various creatures that call these shallow basins, home.

DSCF7877 (2)


IMG_5235 (2)

Nanaimo’s famous Barred Owl. Wonderful wire sculpture shows off the banding that gives this owl species it’s name. Mousie crouches in peril!


Another fascinating art statement is “Hungry Bunny” by local artist, Dale Schulz.


The popular piece brings the ‘hammer’ down on roaming rabbits.


Oceanspray and sandstone. Nature’s art at the park.

IMG_5243 (3)

Rose for a rose. Nootka roses bloom on bluffs by the sea, as well as on a pretty top for me! Photos by Bob Tobin.


Sea and Stars – Navigating Newcastle


It all started with a fabulous SILVER STARFISH NECKLACE found at Vancouver Island Thrift Store in Nanaimo. “Let’s go find some real starfish” I said to my friend Bob, the amazing photographer who takes these pictures. We headed off across the harbor to Newcastle Island pictured in the background above. I brought along SEVEN KEY PIECES of clothing to wear in multiple ways. From pioneers to present day, Nanaimoites have always been a THRIFTY lot. Embarking on our journey I’m wearing a mint flyaway cardigan layered over patterned top, black tank and blue wash jeggings. A bird patterned punchy mint scarf adds a WOW factor.


Here’s the incredible STARFISH NECKLACE worn with the black tank and a black and white plaid shirt. The capsule wardrobe consists of blue wash jeggings, mint flyaway cardigan, black tank top, plaid shirt, grey and black knit dress, print top and mint coloured bird print scarf.


Pretty print top in black and mint topped by flyaway cardigan. All seven clothing pieces were found at Ardene, North Town Center for 70% off.


Rockin’ the wonderful sea carved sandstone rocks on Newcastle Island in plaid shirt worn as a light weight jacket over patterned top and jeggings.


Found a STARFISH! Patterned top layered over black tank.


Newcastle Island WELCOME TOTEM POLE sign. I’m hiding the grey and black striped knit dress piece under plaid shirt and mint scarf.


Here’s the knit piece worn as a DRESS instead of long SWEATER.


Tramping through an old quarry looking for a historic pillar rescued from the ocean, that Bob especially wants to see. Jeggings with plaid shirt and starfish necklace strike a casual glam note.


FOUND THE PILLAR! Black tank adds yet another look to plaid shirt. This version is untucked and casually tied.


Layering on mint flyaway cardigan adds some extra warmth while exploring burled trees during a light rain shower.


Taking refuge from errant showers in the gazebo at Newcastle Island. MIXING PATTERNS adds EXCITEMENT to neutral tones.


Home again and looking great at MAFFEO SUTTON PARK in Nanaimo. That’s Newcastle Island in the distance. FINALLY, about all the MISSING STARFISH…supposedly there’s been some sort of pathogen causing havoc up and down the West Coast. HOWEVER here’s another suspect…